Introducing Myself

Ueber Monika Schindbeck

Welcome to my website!

My name is Monika Schindlbeck. I am a Yoga and Pilates teacher.

I was born and grew up at Lake Starnberg in Upper Bavaria. I spent my childhood and youth swimming, horse-riding, mountain-climbing and skiing.

Later I studied languages, English and Spanish, then philosophy and intercultural communication. My studies, together with my passion for the outdoors and all things physical, were inevitably to lead me to a deeper understanding of myself.

I was in my mid-twenties when I began practising Yoga and consequently was introduced to Eastern philosophies. It was then that I began to sense the unity, a merging, of my intellectual, physical and emotional worlds.

I began practising Pilates when I was thirty, some ten years ago. It was to give me a greater understanding of how the human anatomy functions and of intelligent and efficient bodily movement. Pilates has both strengthened my body and shielded it from injury. Not least, it has furthered my understanding of the physical practice of Hatha Yoga.

The growing awareness both Yoga and Pilates have given me of the self, together with the merging of the inner and the outer worlds, has been an incomparable experience. An adventure, which I as a teacher, wish to share with you.

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